Bringing New Things to the Table

The life of our audience looks very different due to the circumstances of COVID-19.

While much of it has been an adjustment – practicing social distancing, changing business structure, dealing with loss of positions or setbacks with projects, and much more, it has also been a very unifying time for people and their communities, close friends and family to show up for one another. We’ve seen an increase of creativity, as well as an increase of self care and self awareness. We’ve seen people take a very different approach to financial investments, and we’ve seen business ideas being birthed into reality.

This pandemic has also brought some changes to our own platform and how we plan to better serve our audience in the near future. For starters, we have created a free email list which will provide you with early bird announcements of new project debuts, exclusive deals for merchandise and production services, as well as opportunities to be interviewed or be a part of scripted video works.

Because it will be some time before we are able to reconnect in person again, you will see our team be a lot more present via social media with more live content and content development. Make sure you are a part of our email list to find out more on what that means for you and your brand!

We will also be making a surprise announcement in the next two weeks! We are excited to bring you a more consistent way of keeping up with our content and works while supporting the brand as we continue to grow and expand our reach.

Thank you for being a valued part of our community. We couldn’t do any of this without you.

Khadijah Dennis, Founder and C.E.O Of Conqueror Movement

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