About Us

Conqueror Movement is a media hub which serves as a connecting point between black millennial creatives and professionals. Through authentic storytelling, curating community experiences and connections, we’re able to provide a safe space where Black lives are seen and valued.

Who is this platform for?

The creative.

The entrepreneur.

The rising corporate star.

The nerd / gamer / tech geek.

How we implement our mission:

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Meet The Team

Khadijah Dennis, Founder 

Living her life through her art, Khadijah Dennis is known for having a vision, and manifesting that vision until it becomes a reality. In the summer of 2012, Khadijah created the vision for The Conqueror Movement with the purpose of having it be a communications platform that would serve as a voice for Black creatives and professionals, and the communities they serve. She felt it was important to not only highlight the stories of the underserved and often misunderstood, but to also bring awareness to works happening in different communities for the greater good through things like activism and creativity. A Broadcast Journalism Graduate of the University of South Carolina, she began learning about what it takes to reach a wider audience through serving as a news producer for the Lowcountry’s News Leader, Live 5 News of Charleston, SC. She now owns her own multimedia freelancing agency dedicated to helping local organizations and businesses connect much more easily to their customers, while creating new relationships. You can find her catching up on the latest anime, singing along to her favorite R&B tunes, or bearing her soul through poetry at an Open Mic night.

How to Connect:

Instagram: @khadijahdennis_

Twitter: @khadijahdennis_



Kendall Grant, Creative Director

Raised on the island of St. Croix (pronounced “Croy”) of the US Virgin Islands, Kendall Grant is an engineer by trade and the Creative Director of The Conqueror Movement. He has a bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics from the University of the Virgin Islands and one in electrical engineering from the University of South Carolina.  A man of varying interest and diverse taste, Kendall takes interest in working and bringing to life the ideas of others, as well as those of his own unique design. He also enjoys poetry, enjoys anime, bowling, and video games (to name a few). Kendall often serves as a leader amongst his family and counselor/mentor among friends. From Soca music and various other Caribbean rooted genres to the unique cuisines of the various islands, Kendall takes great pride in his Caribbean lineage.

Since joining TCM Kendall has contributed in a variety of roles both in front and behind the camera. Directing, interviewing, event planning, photography, hosting, tech support and more. Whether it’s for work, or as a member of the Charleston Chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers, Kendall takes great joy in volunteering in youth activities. Kendall believes that black community is not meant to just be the foundation that the country was built on, but also the guiding post to growth and improvement in this United States. We must build each other up. Kendall has two main personal philosophies at this stage in his life. First, “there is only one person you can be in control of, and that is yourself.” Secondly, “We cannot operate in extremes and binaries; balance is key.”

How to Connect:

Instagram: @kendallxanime

Twitter: @kendallxanime


Terrance Duren, Videographer

Terrance Duren is a filmmaker from Camden, SC. He studied film at The Art Institute for a while then transferred to The University of South Carolina where he would meet Khadijah Dennis and become a member of The Conqueror Movement family. With being a part of TCM, he’s able to combine his love for black culture and the art of storytelling to challenge stereotypes, expose people to new ideas, and bring like minds together. Under the Conqueror Movement umbrella, Terrance has co-directed and produced several works including: “Find Your Light”, a Conqueror Movement documentary that documents the self care journey and falling into what feels right to you spiritually, even if it’s not the path others want you to take. He’s also worked on “What is Masculinity?” – a docuseries that takes a hard look at personal relationships, stereotypes and misconceptions of young Black men.

When he’s not working on Conqueror Movement produced content, he runs his very own production company, “Shots Independent”, a video production and photography company that services the creative needs of businesses and individuals.

How To Connect:

Instagram: @terranceroseborough


Cre Branch, Social Media Coordinator

Cre Branch has always been a music enthusiast. She grew up really admiring music with deep feelings and bold messages, and always loved dancing. In college, her suitemates called her “JukeBox” because she always had to have music for every occasion or mood. She also was one of the lead choreographers on the only dance team for Minorities.  She has a bachelor’s degree of Science in Psychology and has over 30 credit hours of graduate school courses under her belt in Social Work & School Counseling. Although she does not work in the field, her knowledge has helped her to become a master at researching, networking, marketing, and being a better writer. Her personal Instagram name is “credoesitall” and that is because Cre is a mother of 3 boys, she models, runs an indie music platform, makes music herself ( lots of unreleased works), and  spent a lot of time resume writing, and in social media management/consulting. Her platform CreSpeaksMedia is a media start up dedicated to showcasing diverse indie talent with no clickbait or gossip. Cre refers to herself as an indie music influencer. She firmly believes that making music is a sanctuary for many artists & wants to see them release their feelings over music while also getting the shine they deserve. S

She is also an artist consultant & marketing strategist who helps artists market & brand themselves using social media as a tool in addition to helping them enhance their networking & writing skills.

CreSpeaksMedia is all about giving the voiceless a voice and filling in gaps to make the indie music scene more diverse. Cre loves curating and creating different playlists for different occasions & sharing good music with others.  Cre’s latest influence is on showcasing and respecting the diversity of Women in Hip Hop. She founded a movement called We Can All Eat to showcase & respect the diversity of Women in Hip Hop & address the sexism in the industry that diminishes the voices of Women.

How To Connect:

Twitter: @crespeaksmedia

Instagram @vibingwithcre



Nathalie Watson – Visual Media Producer

Nathalie is an artist from Charleston, South Carolina. With an associate degree in graphic design from Trident Technical College and Bachelor’s Degree in Media Arts from University of South Carolina. With a main focus in photography and cinematography she has filmed a variety of music videos, narratives, and documentaries. As a proud Afro-Latina she carries her culture into her craft. She believes it’s important to highlight women of color in this industry with hopes of becoming a cinematographer in a male dominated field. Much of her portfolio includes working on many of SC artist, Pat X’s music videos, and most recently, producing cinematic content for the featured length movie, “Shenanigans”. She is currently head of cinematography for the Conqueror Movement’s upcoming film, “Nurturing Your Light”, a follow up to our “Find Your Light” documentary.

How to Connect: 

Instagram: n_watson.93

Twitter: n_watson93