About Us

The Conqueror Movement is a communications platform which serves as a connecting point between black millennial creatives and professionals and their community. Through media and activism, we provide them with a voice to share their passions and works.

The mission of this platform is to provide a guiding light to help you work towards your biggest passions, but also leading the discussion of important issues and topics of conversation relevant to the Black Community.

How we implement our mission:

Through the use of monthly featured interviews, we hand pick individual creatives and professionals that are influencers and contributors to their cities that people may not know about. This not only gives those individuals an opportunity to bring their work to the forefront to further build their audience, but it also gives those who may have similar interests and passions someone they can further connect with.

Who to Watch: Our weekly #WhoToWatch series is a social media feature we use to highlight influencers regularly. We choose them through those we either see doing work in the community, or suggestions from our following on who people should know about.

TCM Connects: This series allows us to share events with our following that happens on a weekly basis, making it convenient for others to make plans or connect with those behind the event for future endeavors.


Meet The Team


Khadijah Dennis, Founder and Creator

How to Connect:

Instagram: @lifethroughart

Twitter: @kdennis94


Kendall Grant, Creative Director

How to Connect:

Instagram: @kendallg2019



Terrance Duren, videographer

How To Connect:

Instagram: @shotsproductions

Facebook: Shots Productions