Let Your Story Unfold

Whether you desire more exposure of your brand/business or you are actively working to see an important topic covered on a larger scale, we are here to tell your stories, authentically. Our team is experienced in capturing interviews, long-form documentaries/ documentary series, and on the spot event coverage for quick turnaround as a full scale recap and social media content.

We offer a number of different services to preserve and spread awareness of the diversity of Black millennial voices. Our services will provide you with:

– A supportive stepping stone to market your events/services to
your community
– Unique one on one consultations to provide a specific method
of helping you connect with your target audience
– Full-scale production team to help you generate your
thoughts into reality with authentic messaging tactics

Signature Talks

When The Conqueror Movement team is not behind the camera, we love sharing our opinions on various topics that would be beneficial to our Black millennial audience. Topics for your podcast, speaking or show platforms include:

Passion to Purpose: Understanding the Value your story has to offer

Conquering Comparison Syndrome: The importance of building and sticking to your brand identity in a saturated market

Black culture is not one sized fits all: Breaking down the sacredness of black culture and ways to honor it.

So Fresh, So Clean:  Building a new-age media company that challenges the status quo of journalism

Our Health is the World’s Wealth:  Why therapy and mental health is not a taboo topic among  millennials

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