“Falling in Love with Your Passion” is a sector of The Conqueror Movement that focuses
primarily on the professional development and community of black creatives and professionals.

Through this annual event, we are able to:

  • connect fellow creatives together in a positive space
  • give black creatives an opportunity to think about what their passion is, and provide steps to help them turn their passions into reality.
  • an opportunity to learn and grow with one another throughout the year through free bi monthly community meet ups that serve as themed group work spaces (Watch the “Wine Down Brunch”:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Click  here to see more from last year’s event.


TCM Connects is the multimedia sector of The Conqueror Movement. It comprises of a weekly round up of events happening in your area that are created by fellow Black millennial influencers with a clear cut purpose of providing community, education or both. (Submit information about your next event to be featured by emailing us.)

We also provide one on one interviews with creative influencers who are leading the charge in their respective areas to do something positive, create change, or set the bar high for healthy collaboration and community. SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel to see some of the interviews, and more content!


The Conqueror Movement takes pride in being an organization that focuses on the hard hitting, tough topics relating to the African American community. We also recognize, that there are many avenues to cover, thus our annual documentaries are born. For the past two years, we have explored the topics of race relations and the spiritual journey of the African American race and how that impacts us growing up.


Find Your Light | A visual presentation | a look at personal experiences in connection with spirituality. | Life is all about the experience.

This film is now available to stream on U4 Networks!



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